July Juveniles!

The garden has been full of baby birds this July – most in evidence have been the Magpies and Wood Pigeons – not the most appealing of our garden residents, but they have had a very successful year for babies!  The biggest treat for me was to see the baby Robins and Blackbirds – they’re so comical flapping around begging to be fed!  Here’s a small selection of the ones who passed closest to my lens!


Babies in the Garden!

It’s July now and I am delighted to report that the garden seems to be full of very young birds, some still being fed by their mothers. One evening I was lucky enough to see a Green Woodpecker make something of a crash-landing into the garden and despite the low light I was able to quickly photograph him on the silver birch tree before he made off. Clearly a juvenile because of his beautiful spotty feathers, he was back the next afternoon and eat a hearty meal of ants from beside the garden path, when I was able to get a few more shots of him and here they are…

The Muntjack Deer – A Rare Visitor!

June has been and gone and it’s been the wettest in the UK since records began! Fortunately though, the rain doesn’t seem to have discouraged the wildlife in the garden, and this time, to my surprise, we were honoured with a visit from a rather nervous but beautiful, little Muntjack Deer.  About the size of a large dog, he didn’t stay long, but in seven years of living here, this is only the third time I’ve seen one.  Anyway, here’s a selection of the pictures I was lucky enough to take before he disappeared through the hedge and away!

The Artist’s Assistant!

It’s now early June, and I was lucky enough to spend most of May in Catalonia, Spain on the Costa Brava.  What a beautiful part of the world!  We stayed in a villa in the middle of a pine forest and were treated to the sound of a Cuckoo calling every morning and throughout the day.  Sadly, although I was poised with my camera at all times, it didn’t put in an appearance!  It was wonderful to hear though, and I miss it now I’m home. That said, the most frequent visitor to the garden was this beautiful Robin, who would come down and share our meals with us; eating bread crumbs off our table while we were still actually eating at it, and helping me with my sketchbook pictures after lunch! He showed no fear of us whatsoever, and became a firm friend of us all.

Chaffinches amongst the blossom!

It’s been a very gloomy and wet week in Wiltshire!  Happily though, during a short bright spell, this pair of Chaffinches stopped in the plumb tree just outside my bedroom window to eat the blossom buds and have a wash and brush-up!

The Blackbird and the Golden Nugget!

Last weekend when the weather was so beautifully bright and sunny, I spotted this male Blackbird busily scratching around under the hedge, and seemingly retrieving a golden nugget!  He allowed me to get very close to him with my camera, and I don’t think I’ve ever taken such close-up shots of a Blackbird before.

Springtime for the British Blue Tits!

Today has been a most beautiful sunny spring day in Wiltshire, unseasonably warm and extremely welcome!  The garden has been full of life and the air filled with birdsong.  Particularly in evidence were the Blue Tits which seemed to be everywhere, including a pair feeding babies in a nest box on our willow tree.  This one was clearly enjoying the warm sun on it’s feathers!